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Asylum Applications by Iraqi Christians Rejected by Bamf Employee with Headscarf

At the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (also known as Bamf), asylum applications from ill-treated Christians are being deliberated on by a Muslima who wears a headscarf. However, this decree made by the Bamf employee has gotten some negative feedback, as a complaint has been filed by a Christian Iraqi family. This complaint, which is supposed to throw up some doubts about the Muslima’s objectivity, has gained the backing of Wolfgang Bosbach.

With over 200 million Christians being persecuted globally; which is a number that has grown over the years. The 2017 World Survey Index reports that of all religious groups or faith, Christians are the most persecuted group. However, Muslims are still the most susceptible group, having a population of about 650 million. An illustration of the prejudice of the Muslim faith was the organized eviction of all Christians from the city of Mosul in Iraq in 2014. All Christian homes were marked with the Arabic letter “N” meaning “Nazarenes”.


Headscarf-wearing Muslima determines the fate of “unbelievers”

Such an outcome made a Christian family believe that getting away from Iraq and landing in Germany will be a good fate. Just like 97,000 Iraqis that did so the previous year, the family went to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) and made requests for an asylum application and they were attended to by a Muslima bearing a headscarf and they were turned down.

The Christian family went over to Wolfgang Bosbach, the CDU interior expert and explained their predicament to him. They told the expert to assist them with their protection status acting as a self-confessed, disadvantaged and strict faithful Muslim

Bosbach, an expert at the World Organization (WO) said that he understands the concerns of the applicants that they might not be fairly treated and he knows about their persecution by the head-scarf bearing Muslima. He said he could not comprehend why Muslims in the Bamf should now determine if Christians have the right to live in Germany or not as they have fled due to the attacks on them because of their faith.


Fear that the deciding judge in the lawsuit also carries a headscarf

Reports by the World Organization says the Bamf which has its headquarters in Nuremberg does not have any problems with the wearing of Islamic headscarves within the agency, though employers may restrict this due to pressing reasons. This could be due to safety at work or an infringement on the peace. According to the WO, Bosbach was not understandable enough as to why asylum seekers were afraid of getting a fair assessment from Bamf.

The family also worries over their filed complaint as they think they would receive justice from a judge who wears a headscarf as well.