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Municipal Electoral Law Plans by the NRW-Linksblock for non-EU Foreigners

Shortly before the incoming state elections for the most populous federal state, the Green Party, Pirate left-wing bloc, and SPD in the Landtag of NRW wants to effect a change in the constitution: the electoral capability for the SPD is to be created by the municipal suffrage for foreigners that are non-EU most especially Turks. Aydan Özoğuz (SPD) is presently gearing up for the reconstruction of German society, in favour of the ever-increasing majority of Muslim immigrant associations.

The debate on the right to opt for foreigners that are non-EU is constantly fuelled by the Left, the Greens, and the SPD, on a frequent basis, with the slogans “participation” and “integration”.

Majority of Turks would choose SPD

Until now, just citizens of other EU nations were permitted to compete with them in Germany or vote in local elections. At federal and national level this right is meant for German nationals alone. Around 750,000 foreigners from non-EU nations have no right to vote in NRW with at least two-thirds from Turkey.

And that is what the Green Party, the Pirates and the left-wing bloc of the SPD would like to alter in NRW before the upcoming regional elections slated for the 14th of May, so as to win the immense potential of the electorate. As an investigation carried out by the CSU-near Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung eV – the legal form through which majority of the foundations did not form a club rather they formed a foundation – around 90 percent of the electorate that is of Turkish descent opt for left-wing parties. As per the study, 56 percent of Turkish voters revealed that they had opted for the SPD before. 29 percent for the Greens, 12 percent voted for the Left. The CSU and CDU accounted for just six percent of the votes.


The recommendation of the Dusseldorf Parliament’s General Committee is that the parliament should accede to the motion

In a joint motion involving the three factions namely the Green Party, Pirates and the SDP, they now called for an amendment to the constitution. In the future, foreigners that are non-EU are to be permitted to take part in local elections in NRW as well. The major committee of the Düsseldorf Parliament advised that the Parliament should now accept the motion. The integration committee of the Landtag had taken the same recommendation already.

SPD organizes rebuilding of German society

A two-thirds majority is needed for a change in the constitution. The Green Party, the Pirates, and the SDP are responsible for around 62 percent of the seats and would miss the needed majority. To make this possible, votes from the FDP and CDU would be required. The CDU rejects the proposal due to the fact that it is clearly in the electoral law that a vital incentive to administer for German nationality is sought. The AfD intensely rejects the right to vote for migrants that don’t have a German passport as an adventurous request.