Man Who Offended Kraft Gets 1,200 Euros Fine

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A man who has been unemployed for a long time was punished through a financial penalty for offending Hannelore Kraft, the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia (SPD). The man had presumed that power belonged to a set of people in the “corrupt pack” who have an “IQ like that of a toasted bread”. After a written letter of apology letter to Frau Kraft, the appeal procedure was cancelled without a verdict against the fine of 1,200 euros.

Also, a 53-year-old man who had been unemployed for a long time was sentenced to pay a fine of € 2,250 at the district court of Cologne around the middle of last year, because of the two offensive emails he sent to Hannelore Kraft. In the message sent to the SPD politician, he commented on Kraft’s suggestion to use those on long-term unemployment as refugee helpers. He stated as much in his first mail, which read: “You probably have an IQ like that of a toast.”

Thankfully, toast bread has no IQ!

Kraft was known to have replied to the message by clarifying her political stand and ideology, based on her own report in her response letter, and also based on the coverage gotten by the former FAZ coverage.

The qualified politician decided to personally arraign him. The court was convinced that the offender committed the offense. “A border was crossed, which was seen as an attack on the dignity of the Prime Minister”, was the court’s assessment of the situation.

Procedures for Appeal

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (ksta) reported that the Court of First Instance made rulings to the appeal body that the fine could be cancelled without any need for a verdict with a 1,200 euros fine.  The man who is now working again is regarded as a non-criminal. The offender also made a true statement that he did not take the right decision initially. He said that he had constantly been receiving a “staple on his applications”, he had been infuriated by the Prime Minister Kraft’s idea and was unemployed for a long-time in the care of a refugee. His statement was not immediately followed by the judge at that time.

Based on repentance and insight reports, and also a written apology letter personally addressed to Frau Kraft, the man who had never had any previous encounter or meeting with the judiciary had his appeal terminated.