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EU makes decisive move on final cash withdrawal

A few days ago, the EU commission introduced a policy for the gradual limitations on cash withdrawals which will eventually lead to a complete abolishment in the near future. The ‘war on cash’ has begun, as the situation has quickly turned from a hypothetical scenario to a glaring reality, unfortunately.

For years, the EU and its agents have discreetly and successfully made a progression of laws limiting the use of cash, as the advocates of this anti-cash movement implement a popular strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ gradually leading the unknowing masses to a point of no return.

One step at a time into a society of absolute dependence

The EU started making its move as early as 2012 when the Federal Finance Minister Walfgang Schäudle (CDU) made a statement and referred to our cash as an “intransparent payment”. In an attempt to justify the limitations and the final ban on cash, the democratically unauthorized commission followed the ways of Schäuble by using the same baseless arguments. In the meantime, the Italian banks had just propelled their ‘war on cash’ crusade, as the head of the Association of Italian Banks (ABI), Giovanni Sabatini celebrated the movement as a gift for civilization. The seed that Giovanni planted at the time, yielded fruit in 2013 as cash payments of more than EUR 50 later became unacceptable in Italy.

Thereafter, cash payments of more than EUR 1,500 and EUR 2,500 became forbidden in Italy, Spain, and Greece and later in January 2014, the British Bank HSBC decided to launch a two-day policy test on the public as limitations were placed for cash withdrawals of 5,000 pounds. Bank customers who needed to withdraw their cash from their regular sight accounts, that had no payout restrictions, were forced to clarify their intent for the use of their own money in writing. The bank would then refuse to offer payouts if the bankers reject the plans of their customers, these actions resulted in several complaints and eventually led to the bank stopping its activities after two days.

On the 20th of January 2016, Josh Bryan, Chief of Deutsche Bank, anticipated the end of cash payouts in 10 years and two days later, Norway’s largest bank requested for the abolishment of cash, and also in Germany, limitations of EUR 15,000 are being set as officials in the Federal Ministry of Finance have begun to commission the Federal Government to actualize this cash policy.

The war that was waged against cash has steadily spread like an infection and comes with its alleged benefits to society like a stronger resistance against the forces of corruption, drug trafficking, human smuggling, terrorism as well as tax evasion, but it seems that we have become too submissive to our leaders and their schemes which threaten us all with idea of cash abolishment.