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Please forward all books and publications, for review or otherwise, to the Berlin office. The Zurich office does not accept publications in the mail. You can also send your publications by email to


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If you have are encountering any problems accessing your account, you can email our support team at: or call: +49 656 39068100 ext. 2025 (between 8am and 11pm Monday through Friday and on Saturdays between 9:30 am and 6 pm)


Feedback and Corrections

Blu News Media doesn’t publish letters to the editor in print or online, but editorial corrections and feedback can be emailed to



Blu News Media accepts unsolicited contributions through email. Due to the high volume of contributions we receive, it is impossible to respond to them all. For contributions we’re interested in, our response times will differ based on the urgency of the piece.

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Film and Audio-Visual rights is located in Berlin Germany and Zurich, Switzerland

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